• Sincère merci pour ce moment fort agréable en votre compagnie! Nous avons reçue une véritable poussée d'inspiration technologique? Vraiment le fun!

    Hélène Corneau Directrice générale, Commission scolaire du Chemin-du-Roy, Troi-Rivières, Québec:
  • Mario possess unfaltering enthusiasm that carries and often pushes his peers to exceed previously accepted boundaries when introducing and using technology. He demonstrates vision and sequential approaches when addressing system wide change and promoting innovative uses of technology.

    Brian Gray Education Early Childhood Department, Coordinator of Technology (K-12) & Skilled Trades
  • Mario connects directly with the audience, through fact based story telling that is insightful, energizing and fun. Mario does what all good teachers do and helps his audience explore possibilities of the future while remaining solidly grounded with the realities that we all face. He is driven passionate and thought provoking.? ?2 hours went by in the blink of an eye, thanks for inspiring the team!?

    Carlo Pelligrino
  • For well over a decade Mario Chiasson has lead his school district in the educational integration of skilled trades and technology. Thousands of teachers and students have benefitted directly from his vision and application of innovative learning solutions.

    Ben Kelly Teacher at Caledonia Regional School, Hillsborough, NB
  • Mario Chiasson is a source of inspiration.? He is creative at problem solving and works above and beyond in all he does.? When a problem comes his way, he will find an answer.? He pushes you to dream big and will be with you all the way to accomplish that dream.? He is never a by-stander, but a doer.

    Nancy Matthew Principal of Riverview Middle School
  • I have had the great privilege to have worked with some outstanding people throughout my twenty-seven year educational career and I can honestly say I have worked with none better than M. Mario Chiasson. ?I hold Mr. Chiasson In the highest esteem and his passion and work ethic is contagious; he makes us all better. He is an incredible leader and an even better person!

    Mike Blong Principal of Moncton High School
  • Mario is a great leader because he makes sure that everybody flourishes around him while often times never taking any credit. Mario's jubilant personality is so contagious and sincere that people love to work for him and will go above and beyond to meet his vision and goals

    Armand C. Doucet M.S.M. Global Teacher Prize Finalist, Riverview Middle School, NB

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