Meet Mario

Mario Chiasson is a leader in the application and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education. Mario is integral in identifying and prioritizing development initiates supporting 21st Century Learning as the Technology Subject Coordinator and Supervisor of Data and Accountability for Anglophone East School District (ASD-E) in Moncton, New-Brunswick. In his role with the school district his responsibilities include providing an administrative and pedagogical vision for technological advancements in learning for his area.

How I started?

Mario has a proven passion to assist schools, districts and ministries to understand the impact of ICT in the education system and to use ICT tools in a meaningful way to engage students in their learning performances. His work in the field goes back to 2002 when we taught French immersion and worked as the Eastern School District technology mentor. In 2004 Mario took his own education to the next level by completing a Masters Degree in ICT in school?administration?and conduct two major research projects on mobile learning;”My e-Backpack” (125 students used an iPod touch as an instructional tool to support their learning in literacy and numeracy), and Bring Your Own Devices? (BYOD) at school. Mario is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator, a Cisco IT Essential Teacher, an Apple Teacher as well as an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE).

Mario was a part of many provincial projects including a 1-to-1 laptop project, provincial and district collaborative platform (Portals), as well as international collaborative projects. To add to his education and experience Mario was the site administrator and the lead person to initiate iTunes U Site for Anglophone East School District. Mario authored books and courses using iBook Author and Course Manager, through collaboration with teachers. There is no denying the abundance of knowledge and know how when it comes to Mario Chiasson.

Hélène Corneau, Directrice générale, Commission scolaire du Chemin-du-Roy, Troi-Rivières, Quebec: Sincère merci pour ce moment fort agréable en votre compagnie! Nous avons reçue une véritable poussée d’inspiration technologique… Vraiment le “fun”!

Brian Gray, Education Early Childhood Department, Coordinator of Technology (K-12) & Skilled Trades
Mario possess unfaltering enthusiasm that carries and often pushes his peers to exceed previously accepted boundaries when introducing and using technology. He demonstrates vision and sequential approaches when addressing system wide change and promoting innovative uses of technology.

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